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Price is cost per person. See “Service Plans” for discounts.

Listed below you will find two types of learning experiences Classroom and Blended. The cost is the same, although the learning experience is different. The Classroom, students learn both knowledge and skills in one setting. Blended training offers a combination of online (content focus) and classroom (skills focus).

Which learning experience should you choose? Everyone learns differently, some prefer to have more hands on learning while others enjoy a combination of online work (self study) and a shorter hands-on learning experience. Some employers prefer the classroom because it is a one time event, while the Blended involves managing both the online work and the classroom skills session.

Listed below you will find both learning experiences Classroom and Blended courses offered. All classes are a stand alone. BloodBorne Pathogens, however is short enough that it can be added to any other training course, such as: Basic Life Support or First Aid CPR AED classes. Class size is limited to 12 participants per session. Multiple sessions can be scheduled for one day of training.

Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers

  • Normal Rate: $92.00
  • Classroom: 5:15 HRS
  • Blended: 3 HRS Skills
    • Online 2-3 HRS

BloodBorne Pathogens

  • Cost: $35.00
  • When added to another course
  • Classroom: 1 hr

Adult First Aid CPR AED

  • Normal Rate: $88.00
  • Classroom: 3.5 HRS
  • Blended: 1.5 HR Skills
    • Online 2-3 HRS


  • Cost: $70.00
  • Classroom: 2.15 HRS
  • Blended: 1.15 HR Skills
    • Online 1-2 HRS

Adult & Pediatric First Aid CPR AED

  • Normal Rate: $106.00
  • Classroom: 5 HRS
  • Blended: 2.15 HRS Skills
    • Online 2-3 HRS

“Let us make this a great training experience.”

Three Service Plans

Cost Per Person

For small businesses with 4-7 participants, the normal rate is charged.

Cost Per Class

For larger classes 8-12 we offer a 10% discount.

Cost By Volume

Special rates are offered to those companies who have a number of classes (7-12 students per class).

Onsite Training Cost Estimate Request

Please note in “Message” the following: number of students per class, location, course (classroom or blended), and date (select from list below) you would like the training.

Fill out the form below to receive a cost estimate from us within 48 hours. There is no commitment on your part to request a cost estimate. Also feel free to call us to discuss your training needs.

Dates Available for Onsite: Feb 9, 2022 (Tuesday), Mar 9, 2022 (Tuesday), Apr 6, 2022 (Tuesday)